Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Upton House & Gardens

Taking full advantage of the lovely summer weather, DD1 and I ventured to Upton House and Gardens in South Warwickshire.  It’s been a looong time since she and I have ventured out on a cultural day on our own and it was quite delightful!  (think Pride and Prejudiced delightful…after all that seem to be our “theme” music for the day)

It is a spectacular house set in the most stunning gardens that run into the neighbouring valley.  As each area of the garden is terraced you don’t really appreciate how steep the landscape is until you have to walk back up the hill! (ask me how I know!)  See the brick wall at the top of the picture…well that’s the bottom of the lawn off the back of the house. 

One area had a long row of lavender that was teeming with bees and butterflies.  Just stunning!

Tucked up on this bench was very sleepy cat.  He did allow a little stroke before pushing our hands away hoping the return to his slumber.

At the moment the house is all set up as it would have been during WW2.  Most of the furniture is covered and the rooms rearranged to display how it would have been when the family hosted some bank employee evacuees from London.  In one of the main rooms was a line of type writers, 2 of which were set up and in working order to try.

Although DD1 is used to the format of a keyboard, the little nuances of the typewriter’s shift key, disabling the caps lock, carriage returns and the delightful ding when one gets to the end of the line led to many questions including of course “where’s the return button?” After a quick lesson DD1 looked quite at home…

…unlike her mother!!  (I do look a little lost!)

Throughout the house there were signs of “make do and mend” and using scraps or old clothing to make new things.  The patchworker in me was thrilled.

Along with old sewing machines there were vintage posters about sewing and how to care for one’s machine.  The advice is still valid today :o)

After our tour of the house, we ventured back into the gardens for a last look around before heading for home.  It was a fabulous day and one I won’t forget anytime soon.

Until next time...♥

Friday, July 17, 2015

Reason to Celebrate…

I don't often talk about my personal life here on the blog...but a momentous event took place this week and I wanted to share.  My daughter graduated from Nottingham University and we had a lovely day on Tuesday to enjoy and celebrate her success.

The university was extremely organized and had a well run system of making sure that you started in one area and then moved into the next whilst never crossing your tracks.  In one door and out the other…into a pre-ceremony tent …out to a post-ceremony tent.  Well orchestrated!

(*warning* photo heavy of my daughter…sorry…just feeling a little on the proud side)

The robes had good “swooshing” ability so quite a bit of time was spent dancing and twirling…You’d think she was a little kid again! :o)

Of course such silliness (good silliness I might add) meant that the tassel needed re-adjusting.

Mandatory family selfie… (got it right 1st time too!  that never happens!)

She’s come a long way from when we dropped her off 3 years ago!  Couldn’t be more proud!

  Until next time...♥