Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First finish of 2015...

I'm thrilled to be sharing my latest finished quilt. It is a scrappy trip around the world inspired by Bonnie Hunter's technique and it is for my DD1. She does know about it and has seen it "in progress" but she hasn't seen it finished with the TA-DA (I know she reads my blog...)

The fabrics are very much her colours and the applique in the borders are all things she likes. Yoga, hot chocolate, knitting, reading and sheep.

UPDATE:  Did any one else notice the spelling error?  Prey…not pray!?  Oops…that’s my mistake, but it made me giggle so much it is staying in!  Thanks Lynda for pointing it out!

I quilted it "big stitch" with Perle Cotton size 8. I didn't know how to quilt it at first, but thanks to some inspiring quilted toilet paper I came up with the ideas of quilting clamshells all over it. :o)  (Please tell me you get inspired by toilet paper too !! LOL)

It matches very nicely with a pillow I made for her last year. The girl is set now and I believe has plans to match them with some decor when she eventually gets a place of her own. (this could be a long time for now!! LOL)

So what's next? Well I'm personally taking a change in direction. I have taken the decision to finish teaching. I will be seeing through my commitments until the end of March, but after that I won't be offering any new classes. With that in mind I have had a big sort out of all my notes and teaching Blue Peters (samples) and will be getting them finished. This basket is full of blocks of one kind or another and somehow I will make sense of them and put them to good use. I do like a challenge :o)

I also have a few other UFO’s still about that need finishing like these Pinwheels

and these giant granny squares.

Until next time...♥