Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Pictures from the New Forest…

When I was going through some pictures the other day I realized I had forgotten to share some more pictures from out recent trip.  I hope you enjoy them…many are animal pictures so bear with me :o)

One of our days out took us to the New Forest Wildlife Park.  Because we were there before the local children were on summer break, it was quiet and easy to see all the animals without any hustle and bustle.

This little harvest mouse was adorable…only the size of a wine bottle cork.

This is my attempt at an arty tree picture…I’ve seen various on Pinterest before now and thought it was an interesting angle :o)

A local cat in Lyndhurst…

My best deer picture taken in the New Forest…I’m so proud of this one and also very grateful for the man behind me that had a very loud laugh that made this deer look up!  Perfect timing!

This was also at the wildlife park…this deer was so tame and patient with the children :o)

Until next time...♥

Sunday, August 10, 2014

In Need of Colour…

If you are in the U.K. today you only need to look out the window to understand the title of my post…it’s so dark and grey today, so to cheer myself and you up how about a colourful post.  First up a picture that my DD2 wanted me to share with you.  Like many children her age she is in full bloom loom band making mode.  She has made 13 bracelets, several little creatures and a dragon with over 300 bands alone… A great fad that seems to have taken kids by storm that not only has got them off the computer but got them creating.  I love it!

I have also been sewing up a storm getting things ready for the upcoming school year.  With DD2 heading to high school and needing to carry a lot more stationery I figured a new and improved pencil case was in order.  So I dug out the old patterns and settled on the Sew Together Bag.  When I made mine last year, my poor sewing machine grumbled at the final thick seam, but this time I had Sookie to help me out and she breezed through without so much as a grumble or a pop.

DD2 picked her own colours and I followed along and you know what?  Her colours are FAB together.  I love the pinks and the use of greens (what a combo) and the colour coordinated pockets.  With such a great system she should stay very organized.

Until next time...♥

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Summer Pics…

We're part way through the summer holidays and I have a few summery pictures to share…All were taken on our week away in the New Forest where we experienced really warm weather…honestly I could have pretended I was camping in Canada!! These are just some of the moments we had…more to follow when I get a chance :o)  Enjoy!!

Until next time...♥