Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Then & Now…

Something rather amazing happened today and I just had to share… 

Today, I discovered that I quite literally walked a mile in my father’s footsteps… only I walked it 40 years later.  I was sorting through some slides this afternoon when I came across some very familiar images.  As you can imagine the slides aren’t labelled with anything other than a date and as I lifted them to the light squinting to make out the shapes I was surprised when I immediately recognized the cobbled streets of Clovelly.

Back in 2012 we spent the day in Clovelly and I had taken many lovely pictures…What I hadn’t realized was that I must have stood in almost the exact same place as my father and took almost identical pictures.

Below on the left are his pictures…  Mine are on the right…

The only one that was different was the picture of the pub.   But we both took pictures of it! :o)

Finding these slides was a pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t looking for them, but finding them made me feel just that little bit closer to my Dad.    You wonder why you take up certain hobbies and I guess I took to photography just like he did :o)

Until next time...♥

Friday, February 07, 2014

Grey, Grey, Grey...

Oh it has been grey here in the UK and I think in my attempt to brighten my environment I have recently been selecting a rather unusual bunch of bright fabrics.

This is part of a sample of blocks that I made this week for a day school that I'm running in March. It's a bit bright…is it too bright?!

I’m still not sure and keep thinking it might be a bit much, but it definitely created contrast to the grey grey grey...

Until next time...♥

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sometimes you just have to...

Sometimes you just have to try something you have seen online...you know how it is, you see the video and that's it.. a new project has to be started NOW!

I have been resisting the urge to try the Missouri Star Quilt's Disappearing Churn Dash for the past week, but when a donation of bright fabrics came my way for Project Linus I could resist no more. Lynda, I hope you have some sunglasses at the ready when this quilt comes your way. :o)

I wanted to make best use of the fabric, so I cut my squares 16" to start and followed to tutorial through until I had a giant pinwheel block. I then squared it up to 21", which happens to be a lovely number to divide in 3. With the block cut in thirds and the units all ready I rearranged them to make this giant version which will measure roughly 19" finished.

With 4 of them together and a border, it will be a good size for a child. A word of caution with this technique you have LOTS of bias edges!! I starched my fabric heavily before I cut it out to be sure that nothing moved as I stitched my block together. I wouldn't try this as a beginner as you really do need a light hand with all those stretchy sides.

Until next time...♥