Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What’s that in the sky?

Hark! I hear you saying..what's that in the sky?  It’s the sun!!  After 3 weeks of gloomy wet traditional English weather and one almighty storm, the sun came out yesterday!  I can’t believe that during the 3 weeks I had my sister and my mom visiting from Canada that the weather could be so English!!  It really must have been for their benefit.  God forbid that England gets a reputation for good weather! LOL

So as the sun came out and it’s half term DD2 and I ventured out to one of our favourite places…Coombe Abbey.

If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you’ll have already seen many pictures over the years of Coombe Abbey.  It’s one of those places that really changes with the seasons and makes for wonderful pictures.  

DD2 has a growing interested in photography and I gave her my pocket camera to see what she could come up with.  Poor thing doesn’t really have a choice as she is just following in my footsteps and those of her sister who has her own blog now to share her photography.

After looking at things at eye level I suggested we get down low to the ground.  This is one I took…

And this is DD2’s..first shot, using the macro setting!  I love it!!

She liked that one so much…she took another using this leaf as her subject matter…

Next I spied this awesome mushroom.  I took a picture of DD2 as she got close to the ground and she returned the favour.  Except, my picture of DD2 taking a picture is MUCH more flattering that the one she took of me! (It’s so’s not going to be seen here..but I’ll just say I never wish to see my wrinkles that close-up again!!…that’s what I get for showing her the macro setting!!)

Here’s the mushroom.  I took many variations from different angles…but this one was my favourite.  I just need a little fairy peering around the corner…

Until next time...♥

Monday, October 07, 2013

Still Here…

It's time to come out of the woodwork and say, “Hellooooo”!  I know it has been too long since I’ve blogged when friends email to check I’m ok… yep, ok just been busy :o)  It’s also really hard to blog when I haven’t got anything new to show.  I’m still working on the same project (which I never do!!) determined to get the hand quilting finished.  I figure if I keep at it I won’t put it away like I have with so many projects before it.

I’m trying to be very good and stay on track, but it’s hard when one sees such clever ideas on Pinterest.  I might have to take a small break and test out this cool quilt block.  I love blocks that look really complicated but are actually clever construction.

Other things that are keeping me busy are family visits from relatives from Canada and enjoying the last of the autumnal sunshine.  We have been very lucky with the recent weather and I can’t help but wonder how long it will last…

Until next time...♥