Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumnal Gardening…

The British love to talk about the weather… and I’m afraid I’m no different. :o)  We’ve had such a quick start to Autumn in that we literally had a Thursday that was summery and balmy and the next day it was COLD.  I sometimes think that there is a man in a booth somewhere with a switch who decides when we get summer and when we have had enough.  Luckily I was quick of the mark this year and bought my winter pansies on that last warm day and DD1 helped plant them into baskets.

So autumn begins…with harvests and the leaves changing.  The nights drawing in and the weather cooler.  I’m sad to see the summer go as it has been such a brilliant one, but then on the other hand I’m looking forward to hot chocolate, homemade bread with stews and soups.  Quilting without getting too hot :o) and spending time with my sewing machine.  I just don’t feel I can do that when it is nice outside. 

Until next time...♥

Monday, September 16, 2013

More Hand-quilting…

I've been steadily hand quilting this quilt and I’m really pleased with how quickly it is coming along.  I try and stitch a little every day which has gotten easier now that the weather has turned distinctively autumnal.

The biggest challenge has been to think of creative ways to stitch the open spaces.  DD1 has been so helpful with suggestions I’ve only had to think for myself a few times.  She leaves for Uni on the weekend and I shall miss being able to turn to her in the evenings and tap into her creativity.

I only have about 5 more blocks to complete before moving on to the borders.  I still don’t have any ideas for that, but I’m sure inspiration will strike soon :o)

Until next time...♥

Friday, September 06, 2013

Yorkshire Moors Part 2…

Day 1 of our holidays took us to the beautiful fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay just south of Whitby.  As soon as I saw this view I knew we were in for a treat.  The promise of tiny paths and cobbled streets reminded me of our day in Clovelly last year and I knew that at the bottom of the hill I would find a treat or two.

There were several quaint little shops and a very popular used book store.  I waited outside with DD2 along with this fellow whose owners were inside shopping…

One of the wonderful treasures we found in Robin Hood’s Bay was the fish and chip shop.  Honestly these were the best fish and chips I’ve had since May 2008! (Black Country Museum Fish and Chips)

Day 2 took us to Scarborough…now…no pictures to share from that day out as I was too busy shopping!  Take note if you are a quilter and you are in Scarborough then you MUST make a visit to the Sewing Centre.  It was like a candy shop…but full of fabric!  Floor to ceiling of bolts of fabric all organized in colour…and all at £5/metre!  Need I say more?

Day 3 took us up the coast to Seaham.  Seaham is famous for its sea glass as a Victorian glass factory used to pour its waste glass into the sea at the end of the day and now it is being washed up as polished pieces of glass.

The girls had a wonderful time combing through the rocks and finding these little pieces of history.

Day 4 started off a bit with a bit of weather and we weren’t sure whether it was going to be a wash out or not, but before long the sun broke through the clouds and we had another bright day ahead of us.  This time our travels took us to yet another beauty spot, but yet completely different from the seascapes we had seen so far.  On the southern side of the North York Moors lays a 8000 acre forest…the Dalby Forest.

We were treated to a sea of trees much like you’d expect in Canada..minus the black flies! :o)  There are several trails both for walking and cycling.  It is definitely an area I’d like to re-visit.

On our last day we decided to visit the moors.  We had seen such different scenery so far, but felt we really hadn’t seen the moors…strange as we were smack dab in the middle of them.  So we went over to the North Yorkshire Moors Visitor Centre, bought a guide book and went for a beautiful walk.

My time in Yorkshire was far too short as there was as much to see and do as we had already touched on.  It may be awhile before our travels take us up north in that direction, but I know when we do we will be in for a treat as it is some of the best scenery the U.K. has to offer.

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Yorkshire Moors Part 1…

It's time to get back to the routine of early mornings and school runs, but not before I share the last of our summer holiday pictures.  The British Isles haven’t seen weather as hot and dry as this since 2006 and boy doesn't it do wonders to lift the spirits and put everyone in a good mood.  We were very fortunate this year to have two holidays this summer.  DH split his annual leave into two blocks allowing us to visit two very beautiful parts of the country.  The first holiday took us to Pembrokeshire (you can read about it HERE) and our second week was spent in the beautiful Yorkshire Moors. 

I haven’t spent anytime in the Yorkshire Moors before and was quickly taken in by its beauty and the friendliness of everyone we met.  Our first encounter of the friendly county was when we met the owner of the smallholding farm where we camped.  The Folly Hall Farm is a clean and well run site and I would highly recommend it.  Once we pitched and found the toilets we were right at home.

As camping and cake seem to have gone hand-in-hand this summer, DD1 baked a cake for the trip..this time a lovely Banana and Chocolate Chip Loaf.  It was delicious and just perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon sun… Of course, the farm’s chickens thought so too and were over like a shot to see if they could beg a crumb or two.

As you can see we had a little bit of fun getting the chickens to perform for a treat and prove once and for all that chickens can fly :o)…or levitate! LOL

DD2 loved the animals on the farm and I have many many videos as evidence.  I think she was trying to be camouflaged in the long grass here as she filmed the chicken…though her bright blue jumper just might be letting that guise down :o)

My mother said I look like I’m about to cry in this next picture…lol  In actual fact I’m saying, “no more crumbs for you!”…sad times!

Moving on from the chickens, here are a few more pictures from in and around the site.  Stunning sunsets…

Sheep in the fields…

And a happy camper tucked up in bed with a good book…

Next time I’ll share some of the sights from around the area.  We only had 5 days in the region and as the weather was sunny and dry everyday there was plenty to see and do.

Until next time...♥