Friday, July 19, 2013


As I sit and type this I have a fan to the left of me, and a fan to the right of me and it is still HOT.  I’m not complaining, no not me!…We’ve waiting too long to have some proper weather.  In fact I’m convinced that because we had a proper winter…good and cold and snowy (like Canada) we are getting a proper summer (like Canada) :o)

As a result of all this super weather I haven’t been stitching much and really don’t have a lot to share with you.  Instead I’ve been reading, which I don’t often do, and sipping ice tea in the shade…bliss. :o)  These are proper lazy summer days.

Until next time...♥

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Slabs for Alberta...

This is the view from my patio table this morning. It’s a stunning morning and I love working outside when it's like this.

I'm working on slabs for the quilts being made for flood victims in Southern Alberta. Check out Dining Room Empire for more details.

Until next time...♥

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Back in May, I mentioned that I was working on a hand-pieced project and I’ve been forgetting to show you the blocks!  So last weekend when the weather was fine I dragged DD1 away from her knitting to be chief holder-upper.

In case you wondering which of the blocks was the one that didn’t measure up from this post…  It’s the spools at the top.  I have had another go piecing a different block with pre-shrunk freezer paper and it did come out better and to size, but I can’t help but wonder of a template is used more than once if the shrinking can keep happening. So I’m in the process of remaking the spool blocks using traditional template plastic.  More thought and experimentation needs to occur before I make a final decision about which is best.

The other little bit of hand-piecing I did recently is this Kansas Sunflower…started on a quiet campsite in Oxfordshire…finished in a noisy household! LOL Not sure what I’ll use it for, but for now it is pinned to my board just to be pretty.

Until next time...♥

Monday, July 01, 2013

Fun with Terry’s Fabrics…

Last week I was busy sewing and playing with rather delicious fabric I found on Terry’s Fabrics.  My mind was spinning with lots of wonderful ideas, but it didn’t take long to settle to a couple of projects.

When I saw this campervan fabric on their site I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  All I needed was a couple of matching fabrics (pink gingham and dotty grey) and a rather clever pattern or two and I was off to the races.

The first pattern to be cut and sewn was the lovely Super Tote Pattern by Noodlehead.  The slightly heavier weight of the 100% cotton fabric was perfect for the task and I used a light woven interfacing on the exterior pieces just to help the bag keep it’s shape.  The pink gingham was a lighter 100% cotton and perfect for the lining.

Being me, though, I couldn’t leave the pattern alone and added an extra feature on the front.  The original pattern has a hook and loop fastener on the front pocket, but I opted to put in a concealed zipped pocket.  It didn’t take long and I’m thrilled with the extra gingham detailing that covers the zip.

This bag will be perfect for the holidays and carrying all the gear down to the beach in style.  :o)

The recessed zipped closure was really easy to install and a feature I wouldn’t mind adding to other totes in the future.

I added stitching on the pleat as instructed in the pattern and added some flat pockets on one side of the interior for extra storage.


After completing the bag I had just enough grey and pink to make another divider basket.  My daughter’s room is pink and grey and this will be a perfect match in her room.


I’m thrilled with the fabric I got at Terry’s Fabrics  and had a blast creating these two very useful bags.

Oh and one last thing!

Happy Canada Day


to my fellow Canadians!!

Until next time...♥