Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Floral Applique…

A quick search back through my blog (and this is why I keep a blog) and I have determined that these next blocks were started in early 2010!  Really?!  Three years ago!!  Pardon me while I recover, but I honestly didn’t think it had been that long…

Anyway 3 years is tooo long and it was time that something happened to these appliquéd blocks.  I made them to teach myself a different type of needle-turn appliqué using a wash-away stabiliser on the underside.  It is a method by Sharon Schamber and you can see the technique in the following video:

I used all kinds of scraps along the way and didn’t really stop to think of the end product.  So ended up with 12 appliquéd blocks which would have made a single quilt, but do I need another one of those?

Well, no…not really.  So I split them into 3 groups of 4 and put some cheery borders on them and will complete them for Project Linus.

I’m not sure that making 3 quilts out of 1 quilt is progress, but it does put these pretty block to use and I’m sure will be a “hug” for someone in need.

As for the appliqué technique, would I use it again?  Well probably not, but it did teach me how to needle turn and to become aware of how the fabric tucks under to get smooth edges and pointy points.

Now I just have to work out how to quilt them!?  Any ideas?

Until next time...♥

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Presents…

It is long over due, but here are some of the handmade items that were under the tree last month...

First up were two projects that I started the week before my daughter was coming home from Uni.  I had had all term to make this, why did I start it the week before she came home!!?  I guess I like to work under pressure…nuts or what?!

Of course, having 2 daughters means that what you make for one you make for the other…so not only did I give myself a week to make gifts, but I was making 2 of them.  Raiding the stash for the perfect fabric was in order as there was no time for a trip to the LQS.  Luckily for me I had just the right fabrics, zips and wadding for the job ahead.

I seamed and pieced the panels together to make up the required sizes and when I was checking my intersections look what I saw!  Not only did my pieces match, but there was a little magic going on with the tree.  Do you see how the tree goes from the pink to blue fabric?  I couldn’t have matched that if I had tried…neat when funny things like this happen on their own.

So what was a making? Duffle Bags :o)

I had seen a Simplicity pattern review on In Color Order last year and decided it was the perfect project for my girls.  (That’s how long I’ve been waiting to make these!!)The jute handles were the biggest challenge as the jute in this country is narrower than the 3 3/4” required by the pattern.  So I ended up buying 2” wide webbing and zigged-zagged side by side together which worked perfectly.

I opted to bind the inside seams to cover the raw edges.  It worked really well and it meant I could stick to the pattern and not have to think too hard. :o)  If I was to make another, I might think of a different method, but with only days to make these two bags I didn’t have time for math!

The pink one was for my youngest and the batik one below was for the eldest… Won’t she be the cool kid at Uni with that on her shoulder :o)

I also made a little dumpling bag for my mom.  It was well received and was pressed into use immediately :o)

Everyone was thrilled with their gifts and they were all done in time for the big day…but will someone remind me in future to start earlier next time!! :o)

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pretty Knitting…

If you have read my blog for long enough you would know I don't knit...but my daughter does and like a proud Mama I'm going to share pretty pictures of the socks she was making over Christmas...

P.S. The pattern is Monkey Socks by Cookies A and the wool is from Easyknits

Until next time...♥

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Quilting…

The title sums it up well for my current hand quilting project as the quilt is massive!  In fact this is my oldest UFO and back in 2011 I talked about finishing this quilt…(pop over to Sew Quilt for a trip down memory lane). 

It was started in 1999 and the top was completed in 2001, but it was so big I couldn’t seem to get it basted and quilted…that is until now.

Last month I was telling a Liz about my dilemma and she kindly offered to get it up on her long arm and get some basic lines of quilting and basting done so that I could then take it and big stitch the remaining areas.

All over the Christmas period, while watching cheesy movies I sat and stitched!  It was bliss.  The machine quilting was perfect in that it stabilized the whole thing, while at the same time was sympathetic to the amount of hand work in the quilt.  Liz stitched in the ditch and followed the natural shapes created by the landscapes so even though it is machine quilted, you can’t tell unless you look carefully.

I treated myself to some new Perle threads (size 8) off Ebay so I’d have a wonderful selection to choose from as I quilted each area.  It has been such fun to work on and finally see this quilt in the final stages.  I’m over 1/2 way through and feel quite encouraged to keep working on it until it is finished….I think 2013 might be its lucky year!

Until next time...♥

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Trio Completed…

I'm really excited to share with you 3 quilts that got completed this week for Project Linus.

Back in July I buckled down to try and empty the crumb box that was overflowing with scraps and made 154 scrappy 4 1/2” blocks. At the time I was happy to store them as blocks as that seemed easier on my conscience than having a bin full of scraps.

Then in November inspiration struck and I decided to make Granny Squares using the crumb blocks. 

The result was 3 quilts measuring 54” square…perfect for Project Linus.

When I told my friend Liz about the quilts she offered to quilt them on her long-arm.  I love this blue and pink one. (which for some reason makes me think of Pepto-Bismol) Liz quilted feathers all over it which are stunning.  As Liz put it she “feathered the do-das out of it.”

Next was the yellow and red one that you saw back in November.  This time Liz opted to try dwirling…I like it and it works really well on these quilts.

In each quilt I kept the blocks uniformed in that the centres were all the same as were round 2 and 3.  I used the same solid-like fabric for the backgrounds giving consistency and a place for the eye to rest.

I worked out mathematically that I had enough blocks to make 2 quilts where all the blocks were the same.  But realized that for a 3rd quilt that I only had enough to make 5 of one kind and 4 of another.

So the last one has almost a 9 patch effect for its nine blocks.

Seeing them all stacked up and ready to hand over to Lynda really is a nice feeling and  I couldn’t have completed them so quickly without Liz’s help so thanks Liz!!

I’m sure they will be well received and enjoyed by someone that really needs a hug.

Until next time...♥

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowy Trip Around the World…

An impressive title, but really it’s only me having fun with a play on words as it is snowing outside and I have been working on my Scrappy Trip Around the World. 

It’s been quite difficult to ignore all the buzz of the latest quilting craze as the Scrappy Trip Quilt has taken a life of its own.  First written and pioneered by Bonnie from Quiltville there are now groups on Flickr and Instagram.  So many colours and variations to oooh and aaah over!!

Even with my main machine in for a service I got to work.  I dug out my Bernie and some strips and got sewing.  (Why is it that I forget what a lovely machine this is and not use it more!) 

I wasn’t going to start a new project so soon, but after seeing Trudi and Katy’s versions I had to give it a go!  …and when it is snowing like this why not!

Until next time...♥