Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Day Out…

A couple of weekends ago while the sun was still shining and the weather was dry enough for a quick picnic, we had a day out at the Rosliston Forestry Centre.  It was a great place to visit with lots of nature trails to follow and a fabulous park for the children to play in.  I took my camera along and snapped these pics.  Enjoy :o)

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sew into Solids – Done!

This is pretty big news...I've finished the top to my Sew into Solids quilt. 7 months ago (ack really that long!?) I started the Sew into Solids challenge with Katherine. Back in June, Katherine finished her quilt (that is top, quilting and binding) while I seem to struggle to keep at it.  The challenge was to use only solid fabrics and I challenged myself even further by only using 3 colours; red, grey and blue. 

Never did I think I would struggle to make the 144 HST blocks or the 68 nine patch blocks, but I did.  I love working with scraps and this solids project was just that little bit too same-y and well, quite frankly, I found it quite boring at times.

But after taking a break from it and truly indulging myself in scrap blocks, I decided the time was right to look no further and get the beast together.

With 12 blocks measuring 15” finished, plus sashing and borders the top measures 65”x83”

I’m glad I did it and I do love the results, but I think it is going to take another big dose of motivation to get it finished. 

I haven’t got a Scoobie-Doo how to quilt it, but for now I’m pleased it’s done and will wait for the next round of basting to get it sandwiched and ready for quilting.

Until next time...♥

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What are the odds?

Three blocks completed, three blocks sewn together. Not bad going considering I started this quilt in August :o)  But what are the odds I can keep this up?

Pretty good I hope, as I’m really enjoying the process of choosing the fabrics, preparing the pieces and then sitting in the evenings sewing away while I watch t.v.

Here is the first row done…sorry the picture is dark, but the skies, which were blue a moment ago, have darken and rain is imminent …hmm..too bad, I guess I’m stuck listening to rain while I sew up my own storm working on block 4.  You can tell I’m sooo disappointed about that :o)

Until next time...♥