Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sweet Sewing…

Over the last month I have been doing more handwork on my Home Sweet Home Quilt.  (You can read about the first block here)  My favourite thing at the moment is Sunday evenings with a little hand sewing, a glass of wine and Downton Abbey!  Quite indulgent, I know, but more comforting than apple pie! :o)

Block 2 used a lot of bias stems and some of the curves were quite tight, but in the end I was as pleased as I was ever going to be with the flatness of these spirals.  I’m so grateful for Roxanne Glue-Baste-It as it made holding these curves and spirals so much easier.

There are lots of opportunities to practise inny and outty points, which I think I’m getting better at.

This is the finished house and I really love it…

That’s 2 done.  Now onto block number 3.

Until next time...♥

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bet you didn’t see that coming…

Never in the history of my blog have I posted an idea in one post and then in the same month posted the finished top!  Thanks to your encouragement, I got these red and white blocks together.  I think I like it though I do still find it rather busy!  That said, I think it will be better once it is quilted.  I was thinking Baptist fans might be a nice quilting pattern? What do you think?

I still can’t believe that I had just the right number of blocks; 22 signature and 63 pieced ones.  Who knew that 85 blocks works as a set-on-point quilt!

I’ve really been jumping around with my sewing, but I’m hoping to get my Sew into Solids quilt finished next and then get a few of the quilts I’ve sandwiched finally finished as quilts…that is of course if I can resist yet another new project :o)

Until next time...♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sew Happy Update…

Anyone that has been following my blog for more than a year might remember me making 6 1/2” blocks in red and white as I was making my way through the Sew Happy mystery quilt in 2011.  The mystery completed, but I did not complete my quilt.

The blocks have been sitting in a box waiting for inspiration as the original pattern’s layout required the piecing of several 2.5” squares for sashing between the blocks; a process I wasn’t too keen on.

So what to do?  In the end I had 63 blocks from the mystery and around about the same time I found myself with 22 signature blocks from my local group which were red and white log cabins.  Can you guess where this is going?  I got to thinking that perhaps I could find a setting that would encompass the 85 blocks and instead of 2 quilts I could make one.  So this afternoon I sat at the computer, drafted the blocks in EQ and started to have a play.  This is the layout I came up with.  I do like it, but wonder if it will be to busy…what do you think?

Until next time...♥

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo was another day out when we were on holiday back in July.  Again we were so lucky with the weather and the sun shined allowing the animals to be out and about ready to meet the public.

As you can imagine it provided several photo opportunities and here are just a few of my favourite pics from the day.

There were some really informative talks and opportunities to pet the animals which my youngest enjoyed immensely.  Just the sort of stuff that holiday memories are made of :o)

Until next time...♥

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Things are pretty busy around here as we prepare for my eldest to venture off to university towards the end of the month.  As a result sewing and more importantly sewing pictures aren't really happening around here. So bare with me and in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy these pictures taken while we were on holiday in Devon in July.

Clovelly is described by Wikipedia as a major tourist attraction famous for its history and its extremely steep car-free cobbled main street. "Extremely Steep" doesn't even begin to do it justice, but perhaps the website does when it warns to wear stout foot wear! We came prepared, but I was amazed at how many people attempted the descent in nothing more than flip-flops...though interestingly enough we didn't see many making the return trip up in flip-flops as I think most opted to pay the £2.50 for the shuttle bus back up to the top.

Our day out to Clovelly was one of the highlights of our holiday. We had bright blue skies with perfect weather. Half way down we stopped at the local tea room and enjoyed a Devonshire cream tea while looking out to sea. Honestly you could have been somewhere much more exotic and not known the difference.

One of the houses was open to the public to view how the average fisherman would have lived back in the 1930’s. Wouldn't you know that the first thing I spied was a quilted cushion with some hand quilting. It looked very inviting.

After a harrowing trip down to the harbour we rewarded ourselves with a pint of local cider and sat on the harbour wall to watch the boats come in. It was incredibly relaxing and almost the calm before the “storm” before our challenging walk back up to the top.  About 3/4 of the way up I wished I hadn't been so stubborn and had paid the money for the easy way out, though I did make it and I know my Scottish ancestors would be proud of my thriftiness :o)

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Perhaps a Controversial Wordless Wednesday…

Last Sunday while we were having a walk around Coventry we met with a friendly lady who was happy to take peanuts from your hand. We just happened to come along as someone local was feeding her. I know some of you think this might be unacceptable, but my what a thrill it was for my 2 girls to get a chance to say they hand fed a squirrel.

Until next time...♥

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Baddesley Clinton

I have quite a few pictures I want to share with you that date back to our summer holidays and field trips, but at the same time I don't want to bore you with them either :o) So I've gone through and chosen the ones that caught my eye and I'll show you the rest scattered in with some sewing posts. I want to balance it out so you don't think this is just a blog of pictures of animals and flowers!

As my youngest is starting Year 5 she will be studying the Tudors this year and as a result another mom and I thought it would be good to take the children to a local Tudor house (a National Trust property) to sort of jump start the interest in the subject.

As Baddesley Clinton is quite local and is a Tudor house it fit the bill quite nicely. The other exciting part of this property is that it has priest holes. (from Google: "Priest hole" is the term given to hiding places for priests built into many of the principal Roman Catholic houses of England during the period when Catholics were persecuted by law in England, from the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1558.)

My uncle wrote a book about Priest Holes called Secret Hiding Places and as I had a copy I brought it along with us to read about the very nerve-wracking occasion when the priest hole in Baddesley Clinton was successful used. The children sat riveted as I read the excerpt from the book and I think they suddenly felt like the history around them was that little bit more tangible.

Included at the property was a lovely nature walk and a vegetable garden which the children enjoyed exploring.

As our visit was in the height of the Olympics there were a few familiar faces in amongst the foliage. Can you guess who they are?

It was a lovely day out that offered something for everyone including a little used bookshop and a resident cat or two who stopped to be petted.

Until next time...♥