Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For Sheila... :o)

Bless me readers it has been 20 days since my last confession blog post. I recently read somewhere to be a good blogger one should never apologize for not posting... that and you should never post pictures of your feet! (Huh??) So I'll spare you my feet, and not apologize but perhaps fill in the blanks as to where and what I've been up to.

I hadn't really thought anyone would miss my posts - but one friend did and sent the search party out for me. :o) I was so touched that through the network of computers and email someone so far away was asking questions to check to see if I was ok. I wasn't even aware I'd been "missing" until I was at my local sewing group this morning and a mutual friend gasped with relief as I walked through the door. It was surprising, but at the same time so very nice to know I was missed... so Sheila, I'm fine, thanks for asking!!

Most of the last 20 days have been all about the children and keeping them busy. Not only have we been on 2 holidays (Devon for the main one and the Forest of Dean for a mini one) but I've also been to a Tudor house and a Roman villa. We had the Olympics... and, well, for 2 weeks life was a schedule of T.V. watching and keeping up with the medal tables... woohoo to Team GB and a very happy shout out to the Canadians, who in my opinion had the best clothes for the opening and closing ceremonies.

In between it all there has been hospital appointments, numerous trips to the grocery store and the dreaded school clothing shop including shoes!

I have also snatched the odd sewing moment at the machine. My Sew into Solids blocks are 2 seams away from being blocks and the scrap bin is empty.

I now have several 4 1/2" crumb blocks waiting for inspiration. I'm not really worried if I don't use them right away as blocks are so much easier to store… and I feel less guilt storing blocks than scraps… why is that?

To top it all off there was the spectacular death of my iron!  It took out the electrics on the ground floor to which my husband turned to me and said: "What did you do?" LOL! Luckily it only tripped the RCD switch and I truly appreciated the new consumer unit we had installed a couple of years ago!  I now have a pink Morphy Richards iron…the verdict is still out as to whether my quick purchase in Sainsbury's was a good one or not.

I have started a new quilt ...even though there are several waiting for quilting on the back of the sofa... shhh! It is Home Sweet Home by Barb Adams & Alma Adams.

I have been wanting to start this quilt since seeing Jane in Wales' version and I wanted to make it with a soft pallet of golds, olives and wine reds.

This piece of fabric was the inspiration and I've collected all the fabrics that play nicely with it to be the pool of fabrics I’ll use. I got the first block done quite quickly and the second is well on its way.


I have managed to keep up and catch up with most blogs I read, but I have been doing so on a tablet. This is great at it is so easy to flip through Google reader, but the down side is that leaving comments isn't as easy as it is on the computer and once you throw in the silly Blogger word verification it becomes almost impossible. It got me thinking, are people leaving less comments than they use to? I have noticed less comments in the last year though the followers are on the increase. Could this be because more people are using tablets and aren't stopping by to "chat"? Have you noticed anything?

Well, I hope you’ll forgive me for being so long in writing and that this post begins to fill the blanks.  As always I have snapped pictures as I’ve been out on all the “field trips” and will endeavour to share them with you in the coming weeks. :o)

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

112 in 2012 (#18)

Here are 5 pictures taken on our holiday in Devon during one of the most glorious weeks the U.K. has seen all summer.  We were so lucky with the weather and had a wonderful week at a caravan in Westward Ho!.  I’m sure there are more from my holiday that will fit into the categories set by the “112 in 2012” challenge… but I thought I’d start with just a few…

9. Afternoon
This was more like evening, but just too beautiful not to share.  :o)

41. Doorways
Taken at Clovelly Court..a doorway within a doorway.

4. Bubbles
Taken by my 9 year old daughter.  She has kindly allowed me to share it as my entry for bubbles.

71. Emotion
This owl's expression is definitely showing an emotion...I'll let you guess which one!

92. Blurred or Bokeh’ed background
Taken at Westward Ho! during a stunning sunset.

Until next time...♥