Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter House Quilt Show...

Last Friday, Liz and I went down to Weedon to the the quilt show at St. Peter & St. Paul Church hosted by the Chapter House Quilters.  Being a good blogger, I went prepared with my camera so I could share the experience with you.

The quilts were drapped over every surface and completely transformed the church into an exhibition hall.  Quite cleverly the ladies had draped the quilts over 2 pews putting a pillow at one end creating the look of a bed.

There were several beautiful examples of high quality work.  I loved this one with all the stitchery.

There was also a Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.

This was a quilt for Linus!  Aren't those cats cute!

I could only see a part of this pictorial type quilt, but what was visible was darling.

There was a pillow tombola raising funds and awareness for the Help for Heroes campaign.  As well as examples of some the quilts that will go to our wounded men and women.

Lastly dotted about the church were these darling cuddly toys!  Too cute!

Until next time...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh Cherry Me...

Back in April of 2009 I won Siobhan's giveaway..doesn't seem very significant now, but it is in that I have finally cut into the gorgeous Oh Cherry charm pack that she sent me!  For two years I've be flipping through those fabrics admiring the colours wondering what pattern would suit them best!

As the charm pack had 33 squares I used some the Oh Cherry FQ that Siobhan sent me to cut 3 more charms to make it 36 squares.  Then I cut 36 white squares to pair them up and make theses lovely hour glass blocks.

Each of the prints are darling and I just didn't think that a complicated block would do them justice.  I will put them together 8 x 9 in a straight set and then add borders to make a child size quilt.  With any luck I'll have this one done in no time.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frixion Pens - be aware....

Just recently there has been a flurry of blog posts sharing the revolutionary Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pens by Pilot.  Unlike other erasble pens the ink disappears with friction.  Someone clever put 2 and 2 together and realized that it was the heat from the friction that actually removes the ink.  As quilters all have hot irons and it would make sense that one should be able to write on fabric and "remove" the marks with an iron.  I put "remove" in quotation marks, because it actually doesn't remove it; it just makes it transparent....the ink is actually still present.  So can this pen be safely used for quilting?  I've done a really basic test which I hope you will find helpful.

I have read on the internet that as the ink isn't actually gone that if you exposed the fabric to cold the marks would reappear.  So that's what I did first.  I wrote on a piece of cotton, touched it with an iron to remove the marks and then placed the fabric in the freezer.  As you can see...the marks very clearly came back...

So next I repeated the process and wrote on the fabric, touched it with an iron to remove the marks and then washed it in a normal load of laundry, then ironed it dry and then place it in the freezer...and guess what the marks came back...

Lastly, I wrote on the fabric and then washed it...then dried it with a hot iron removing the last traces of the marks and placed it in the freezer....and almost better result. 

So where does that leave us? 
Well, granted we aren’t all throwing our work in the freezer, but some of us live in a cooler climate and items that might get stored in a loft or basement might be exposed to cooler temperatures and therefore reveal the ink. As you can see, if the ink is touched with a hot iron prior to washing, then it almost heat sets the marks. 

As always… test any pen you might be using in your project...with so many excellent products on the market I think these pens are best left for the crossword puzzle or suduko. :o)

Until next time...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello? Anybody still there?

Just where did the last three weeks go!?  I swear someone hit the fast forward button when I wasn't looking!  Well I'm just about here with a little update in the quilting dept. :o)
If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that I have been working on the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt with some friends.  During the summer we chose to work on the twisted star block and these are my in pinks and the other in homespuns.

Isn't it interesting to see how different the block looks in different colours!

Then in an effort to see the project completed for the new year, we opted to make 2 blocks in the month of August and these are those blocks.

Lynne's version was made using 1/2 square triangles and hour glass blocks, so to set a bit of a challenge for myself I redrafted these in EQ7 to lose some of the seams.

Next was the Carolina Lily block with all its Y seams.  Although I love the effect of this block in the homespuns I wouldn't recommend it.  Those bias edges with the looser weave of the fabric made piecing this block a nightmare!

Here it is in more traditional fabrics.  I haven't quilted it yet, but you can see the faint blue lines where the quilting will go.

Apologies to my regular readers for the long was just that life got busy (redecorating and car troubles... stories for another day!)
Things are looking to settle down now and and I'm hoping that I'll get back into a routine with more regular posting...
Until next time...