Friday, September 26, 2008

A Full Friday...

Don't you just love days that lend themselves to being productive? I had a great day today...did the grocery shopping (ok not so great) but it's what one has to do to get the ingredients for a delicious dinner. Nicole posted about this Chicken Penne Recipe and I just had to try it...and let me tell was Yummy!

Next stop was to the post office to pick up a new book from I know I'm on a self inflicted diet when it comes to quilting things, but when I saw this book on Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens I just knew I'd like to own it. Thankfully had 1 copy left and armed with some Amazon vouchers I've been saving, I placed my order. I'm so thrilled and I get the feeling there will be a new project in my future...

Then this afternoon I had some sewing time. Both my machines are going in for a service tomorrow and I wanted to complete a few things before they go on was the binding on the Chinese coin quilt (which I will share once it is completely finished) and the other was 3 little bibs which will accompany the quilt. The designs and stitching were done by my DD1 (age 14) and I used Happy Things' Free Bib Pattern to sew them into bibs.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A quick post before the night is out...

Yippee I got some quilting done!  In fact I manage to get all the quilting done on this little Chinese Coins quilt and will soon get the binding done. This little quilt is for the DD1's teacher as she is expecting..she will be leaving at half term so I have to get this finished on time! 

And lastly I have to share this freaky picture I took.  The DD2 was playing with a toy which has a red light inside a double ended spinning top on a metal frame (does that make sense?) and I thought it would be neat to take a picture with a slow shutter speed.  By doing so I captured the light trails...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Glorious Weekend...

What a fantastic weekend weather wise...sunny and warm on both days!

On Saturday I went to Rocheberie Quilters for our Bag Day workshop. I didn't make a bag, I was working on my Irish Chain...(yes same story, different day) but it was wonderful watching everyone else have success making a bag or two.

On Sunday we took advantage of the lovely weather and had an afternoon out at Coombe Abbey. My DD2 had been named Star of the Week at school and part of the reward is that they can take Caramel (a stuffed dog) home for the weekend. The other part of the deal is that you have to write about what you did with Caramel and me being me I took pictures.

Also during our outing at Coombe Abbey, my DD2 mastered riding her bike! We were so excited for her that she finally figured it out. I just hope that we get a few more nice days to take her out again and really embed the knack so that we aren't starting from square one in the spring.

And lastly I have one more picture to is only a short while away from Halloween and the spiders are busy making webs. Just look at this beauty that was busy making himself (or herself) at home amonsts my herbs!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Testing, Testing?

Hello?  Anybody there?  Does anyone still read this blog?  :o)

I know there is at least 39 people checking in..says so on my stats...So a BIG hello to YOU!

This time of year just so busy, what with children going back to school, me going back to work..oh and a fantastic visit from my sister from Canada.  (Hi Sis)
As a result there has been little time to sew and when I have had time, I've either been working furiously on my Irish Chain or catching up on blogs. 

So how about a few pictures...Between raindrops we took my sister to Stratford-upon-Avon.

A few stones from the grave yard by the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried.
(I love the effect of the black and white pictures)

And lastly...just as you might have given up hope of ever seeing some quilty content on some sewing a did this afternoon.  I can't tell you how nice it was to do some mindless sewing on the machine...I feel back on track. :o)