Saturday, January 12, 2008

7 Random things and some random thoughts...

Connie over at Pieces of Bliss tagged me to list 7 Random things about myself. I did one of these last year and decided that this time I'd list 7 random things about me in regards to quilting.

1. I use an Aunt Becky Tool when I hand quilt. I discovered this little gadget when I was watching a hand quilting segment on Quilting from the Heartland. It has totally changed my hand quilting and eased the stress on my fingers and wrists. If I ever get organized I'll do a video to show you what I'm on about.

2. I'm almost complete self taught. I took one class on foundation paper piecing back in about 1995 and one class this last fall...apart from that everything I know came from a book, a website or a friend.

3. I'm a collector of patterns and pictures of quilts...but I rarely refer back to them or use them. I have backups off the computer of things I'd like to make one day...guess I plan to be around for a long long time!!

4. Along the same lines I have 3 binders of things I've saved off the computer from the late 1990's before I had my own computer and hard drive!! Again...I've not referred to many of them over the years...but there is something comforting knowing it's all there in case I need it!

5. My best ideas come to me in the oddest times and places...see this post for details

6. I have seasonal depression of other words I get really geared up to finish things between September to December and then in January I find it hard to get inspired to keep sewing and quilting. Every January I think...maybe I should give it up...and then the next idea starts and I'm off! See below...

7. And my last admission is that I use to think quilters were a bit crazy cutting up fabric into little bits only to sew it back together again!...How wrong I was!!

So have my January blues been lifted? Well I hope so. I bought #61 of Quilt Mania and it had this beauty of a quilt on the cover. I've pulled out some fabrics and have been playing. Watch this space for progress!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Jane, I am seriously impressed that you piece by hand! My sewing skills are not quite up to scratch, I rely heavily on my machine. Wonderful to meet a Canadian living over here. Enjoyed going thru your blog, you are one creative gal!!!

Darlene said...

I'm sooooo impressed that you piece by hand - something I desire to learn how to do soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog on a very regular basis. I'll be visiting you very often, as well.

Lynda said...

I too have some files with ideas cut out of magazines. I have put them in alphabetical order and sometimes look for something I know is there - and occasionally I find it!

Connie said...

I had to laugh when I read the one about "used to think quilters were crazy to cut up fabric and sew it back together." Boy that was ME back when I did embroidery!!!! I guess I am eating my words now 'cause I live to cut up fabric and put it back together again!! Great list! Thanks for "playing" along!