Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday, I spent the day at the Quilt UK Exhibition in Malvern. I hitched a ride with a good friend and her husband and had a fun filled day with lots of laughter and shopping. Unfortunately because of copyright laws etc. etc. I can't show you any of the quilts in the exhibition, but I can tell you it was a good show with some very impressive quilts. There were plenty of vendors selling everything and anything quilt related. There was even a stand selling glitter by the scoop that when applied to fabric with their glue is completely machine washable! I didn't buy any, but I will keep it in mind if ever I want to do something glitzy.

This is just outside the entrance.

Luckily those dark clouds didn't come to anything and the day stayed dry.

This is what I bought.

And this is me...looking very deep in thought! How did I not notice my picture being taken!

BTW, this is post #49! I'm quite impressed with myself that I've written that many posts in 6 months. You'll have to check back real soon to see if I have anything special planned for post #50 (hint hint...)


anne bebbington said...

You lucky, lucky, lucky girl - I love Malvern but the effect rising interest rates are having to our mortgage repayments at the moment unfortunately demand caution - glad you had such a good day - your goodies look so exciting :o)

Anonymous said...

so glad you had a fun day cant wait to see what you do with your goodies
Beth AU

YankeeQuilter said...

So strange...we were there at the same time! It was a really nice show.

Shelina said...

I'm glad you had a great time looking at beautiful quilts and deciding on just the right things to take home with you.

Knot Garden said...

Glad you enjoyed it - I went there today and spent too much:)

anne bebbington said...

Jane - don't know what's happened to your 'bubble' post but it's not showing up an opportunity to leave any comments - unless of course it's just on my machine - you might like to check it out - love the bubbles by the way - they look such fun :o)

Carole said...

Ohhhhh...what lovely little goodies! Glad to read that you enjoyed the show. To bad you cannot show us some of the quilts. Perhaps they have a web site that will host some of the events. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new goodies! Happy quilting!