Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ironing Board = Happiness

When I moved over from Canada I inherited a number of items that my husband had bought when he was a bachelor. One of these items was the ironing board...now when he bought it he had no idea the importance of size..an ironing board is just for ironing shirts..right? Well in most cases yes, but when you are a quilter...size and stability are paramount. Six years on the old board which I wrestled with had developed a definite wonky leg which would wobble the board back and forth no matter what you ironed...and it was down right dangerous for anything larger than a hankerchief. So yesterday I found myself with extra time in town and decided it was time to retire the old board...it had served us well and bought myself the biggest board I could find. A whopping ironing surface of 51" long x 18" wide and built-in iron holder!

(BTW, how can you tell I have children and a quilting meeting this week? Well the clue is in the playdough box on the right and the bags of quilting stuff on the left!)

In other news, we (my DD1 and I) got the backing ready for her Project Linus quilt...ok she watched I sewed... It is in keeping with the quilt...BRIGHT! It was a very effective way to make a backing and I will do this again....adds a bit of interest. The quilt has been basted and machine quilted in the ditch. Sometime over the next few weeks we are going to add some big stitch quilting to finish it off...and yes, I'll post pictures.


anne bebbington said...

You must feel like you've had a new lease of life with that new ironing board - isn't it funny how we just muddle along not realising how bad things are getting until we finally take the plunge and purchase a replacement - Happy New Ironing Board!!!

Shelina said...

I'm jealous - I want a new ironing board like that! I agree with Anne, sometimes we deal with things for so long, and then when we fix the problem / situation, and it seems like our quality of life improves overnight. Congratulations!

Quilting Diva said...

You know what they say.. Size DOES matter LOL.