Saturday, February 24, 2007

Longton Park and Fabric

We were up in Stoke-in-Trent last weekend for a christening and I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures we took on the Saturday. It was the first time I'd been to Longton Park and I thought it was a fabulous park to walk around. Most of the animals seemed very tame and just about every squirrel checked to see if we had any food. That's my DD1 having a chat with one of the little furry guys. There were plenty of birds, geese, and ducks. It felt like the first early days of spring...great stuff!

Yesterday a lovely care package arrived from a dear friend in Canada. Along with these beautiful fabrics she also sent me a year's supply (or even a lifetime' supply) freezer paper, a beautiful appliqué pattern, a 2007 calendar and some wool wadding. I'm going to have to plan a special project for that wadding it feels so luxurious.

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