Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vinyl Pouch (tutorial)

How about a Sunday tutorial to get you started this week? It's almost the Ho Ho Ho time of year and we could all use a few quick ideas for gifts...So here is my version of a vinyl pouch.

This is a great project to use up novelty fabrics and bits of wadding.  I went through my extensive collection of wadding offcuts and found more than enough to make gifts for the whole family! 

All you need is:
Some clear vinyl. 
    (Cut this larger than your wadding sandwich making sure to have at least one straight edge)
Fabric and wadding to make up the back of the pouch
   (I used a different fabric on the inside to the outside)
2 strips 1 1/2” wide of coordination fabric to attach the zipper
    (these should be longer than your wadding sandwich)
A zipper longer than your wadding sandwich
1 1/2” binding enough for all four sides.


Start by layering your fabric for the back with the wadding like a mini quilt and quilt through the 3 layers.  Once quilted square up your sandwich to neaten the edges.

Next take the 2 - 1 1/2” strips and press one edge over by 1/4”.

If you are using zippers by the metre then you will need to attach your zipper pull.  Make sure your zip is longer than your wadding sandwich.  Liz (who learned the trick from Jacquie) taught me this fabulous trick for adding the zipper pull.

Attach the two coordinating strips to one side of the zipper. 
The order goes like this:
One strip right sides up,
zipper right side up,
second strip right side down. 
Sew the three layers using a zipper foot just next to the teeth of the zipper…not too close…moving the zipper pull out of the way if need be.

Carefully press the two strips towards each other so the folded edges meet.  You can press this with an iron, but be careful not to use too much heat you don’t want to melt the zip.

Next, open this seam up and run a line of fabric glue on the seam allowance.  Line up the straight edge of your vinyl on the line of glue and sandwich it in-between the two strips of fabric.  You could use pins, but I found the glue worked really well and held the vinyl in place.

Run two lines of top stitching along the strip.  This secures those two strips together and traps the vinyl at the same time.

Next line up the zip which now has the vinyl attached at the top of your wadding sandwich making sure that the strip ends and the vinyl overhang on the remaining three sides.  Stitch the zip about of 1/8” from the top edge just to hold it in place.

Using single fold binding that has one edge pressed over by 1/4”, sew on all four sides using a 1/4” seam.  Here’s a great tutorial of you are new to single fold binding.  Only when the binding is attached do you trim the excess zip, strips and vinyl.  By waiting until this point to trim means that you can be sure the vinyl is flat.  It’s too slippery to trim to size before this point.

Sew binding to the back with an invisible stitch…and you are done! 

Until next time...♥


Shirley said...

Nice little project Jane and perfectly explained.

Lynda said...

I've had a go, and it's easier to do than explain!

Thimbleanna said...

Very sweet Jane -- those will make wonderful gifts -- who can't use a see-through pouch!

Liz said...

Made two over the weekend with a section at the bottom for a couple of eyelets so they can go in the college folders. Thanks for the inspiration.