Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blists Hill Victorian Town

On Monday I had the pleasure of accompanying DD2 and 70 of her closest friends on a school trip to Blists Hill.  Blists Hill is a Victorian Town, much like the Black Country Museum, that has the shops, smells and food of English life from 100+ years ago. 

I was in charge of 6 children who were an absolute delight throughout the day.  As soon as we were off the bus we decided very quickly of a plan of action...the sweetie shop being more important than anything else.  So while the rest of the class went to change their money at the Victorian bank, we went straight to the confectioners.  (All the shops take modern and Blists Hill Victorian money)

Once we addressed that matter we then returned to the bank to change some of our 2013 money to that of the Victorian times so we could practise counting in half pennies and farthings for the rest of our purchases. 

We had a couple of hours to visit around all the different workshops, but high on my list was, of course, the haberdashery...I don't think the 2 boys in my group knew why we were in there, but it gave me a quick opportunity to snap a few pictures.  The lady behind the counter was working with a vintage Singer hand-cranked machine that sewed like a dream and so quiet too! 

She had lovely ribbons on display and of course a huge range of laces and trims to be admired.

We visited the candlemaker, the post office and the chemist..each having a very distinctive smell from the tallow, inks and chemicals!  If there was one comment that the children kept making was about the different smells...and that was before they met the pig! LOL 

After a visit to the fish and chip shop followed with their packed lunch, we stopped in to see the printer.  This gentleman was wonderful with the children and captivated their attention.  He had proof-reading riddles and interesting stories to share with the children. 

Did you know that the term "to coin a phrase" comes from those early days of printing when a coin was used to tighten the letters in the frame before it was put in the printing press?  I hadn't heard that one before! 

Next for the children was a lesson in the schoolhouse.  The girls and boys were dressed for the occasion and lead in silence by the school mistress.  I don't think any of them dared wiggle or speak out of turn!

After an hour of reciting their times tables and using a slate board, we got them back into their uniforms and back on the coach home.  It was great day!

Until next time...♥


Mego said...

I LOVE this! When my kids were small I always volunteered to chaperone because we went such great places and it was wonderful to see it through their eyes...and through my much 'older' eyes. I want to go here! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Oh! what a wonderful must visit place. I will certainly look it up and see where it is. I love the old haberdashery shops especially. Thanks for such an interesting post.

Tanya said...

What a wonderful, interesting, educational outing! I love that the kids got to dress up in the clothing of the time. The place should hire you as their official photographer.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that does sound like a perfect day. Is this a village anyone can visit, or does it have to be a school group? It sounds like a wonderful experience!

Mrs M said...

Lovely, I've always meant to go to Blist Hill, I've been to Black Country Museum before but never made it to Blist. Will put it on my list!

Shirley said...

Would love a visit there myself Jane. I went to Styal many years back and they said the phrase Frog In Your Throat came from the practice of dangling a live frog in your throat when the cotton workers had dry, sore throats from the mills. It was thought that the slime from the frog cured the dryness. Makes me shudder every time. Not so keen on that dentists chair either. Enjoyed the online visit.