Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Looking for Lydia…

Unless your name is Lydia and/or you are somehow a distant relative then this post can be probably can skipped... :o)  I’ll be back soon with pictures and quilting.

I have been doing a little bit of research into my family history and found a lot of information googling around when I came across this forum post dated back in 2001.

From: "cassrobb" <>
Subject: [NB-L] Anthony CURRIE/Maria THOMAS
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 22:49:30 -0300

I have hit a brickwall with Anthony CURRIE and his wife Maria Louisa
Thomas. I believe that Anthony came to New Brunswick around 1815+. He
married Louisa on 02 Feb 1820 at Christ Church Parish Church in
Fredericton. I do not have her parents names nor his. I have a
newspaper article that states he was picked up as a child in Portugal
(possibly Andalusia) by a soldier and brought to Canada by this soldier.
I am assuming that he was given the name Anthony Currie (his name may
have been Antonio and perhaps the soldiers name was Currie?...just a
guess on my part). I have not been able to find the ship he arrived on
as the records for the time period were lost in the fire in Saint John
in 1871. They had 14 children of which I can only find 10. I have not
been able to locate their burial plots (he died in August 1877). She is
not found on the 1891 census (Douglas Parish, York County). I am
assuming she died within that time frame-she had been living with her
son and his family.

Can some kind soul please help me? Give me an idea of where to go next
with my search...or become my dream come true and have my missing info.
{a complete list of children, the parent's names of Anthony, Maria, or
both, where she was from (on the different census she is listed as being
German, Italian, or Canadian-depends on who was giving the info), on her
marriage certificate it states she is from Sunbury County (I can't find
her there). Recently I did locate a Maria Thomas from Saint John
County, but I haven't been able to verify if that is my Maria. I can't
find where they are buried}. Soooo many loose many

Any suggestions most welcomed.


(who is really beginning to think that this family was beamed down and
when their job here was complete they were beamed back!)

I would love to find Lydia as I’m a descendant of Anthony & Maria and have answers to her questions (and no we didn’t come from outer space :o) ) as well as news articles that she might find interesting.  As the post is from 2001 the email is not valid (I tried) so I thought this might be another way to find her.  Now I just have to wait until she or another relative googles and finds this post… :o)

Until next time...♥


Gill said...

Hi Jane
I'm assuming you've tried the Ancestry forums and the BBC one too??

Potpourri said...

Hi Jane
How about trying the NB Genealogical Society
they may be able to assist you.
I am researching my family tree now and have been listening to the podcast The History of England. It is fascinating.
One of my forebearers signed the Magna Carta,It gives me shivers just thinking about it.
Jane in NS

Marit said...

What a mystery! I bet the email address is for an employee who doesn't work at that company (BrunNet) any more. Maybe contact the company and see if they'll help you get in touch with the owner of that old email address...