Friday, February 01, 2013


Back in December the nice people at Fons and Porter asked me if I’d like to review their e-book “Build your Best Log Cabin”.  Being a huge fan of Fons and Porter I didn’t hesitate to say yes and there in my inbox the next day was a copy of the book.    

Not a house block from the book...but rather a pretty picture of houses :o)

But then Christmas came with bells and whistles and a house full of guests and my review of the book was put on the back burner…ooops.  So I delay no longer to tell you about this book and also tell you … you too can have a chance to see this fabulous free book yourself.  Just pop over to their website!

If you have never seen a Fons and Porter book you are in for a treat.  I have several of their older books and like those this one is just as informative.  There are several clear illustrations and pictures with full instructions on how to make any of the classic log cabin blocks.  I particularly liked seeing the different settings and the very helpful charts that tell you exactly what size strip you need to cut to achieve the perfect log cabin.

If that wasn’t enough incentive to have a look at this 24 page book, then perhaps the section on bobbin work with trapunto might be of interest.  For me the extra information on binding and binding with piping was the nugget of information that was new to me and got me thinking about how I could use it on my next quilt. 
For your own free copy..just click HERE

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Thimbleanna said...

Looks like a fun e-book. And your little house peek is so cute -- is that one of the teeny little 365 houses?