Saturday, June 02, 2012

112 in 2012 (#13)

Bunty if you are reading this only look at the first 4 pictures! You won't like the last one :o)

#38 Female or Feminine
Love it when you catch a lovely picture without trying too hard.

#70 Golden
The golden light coming through the kitchen when this pizza came out of the oven was too beautiful not to photograph :o)

#90 Purple
Chive Flower…so delicate

#84 Before & After
I've been taking pictures of this tree through the year.  I have Winter, Spring and Summer and will get Autumn later in the year.

#79 Insect or Spider
This was only about a 1/4" in size, but I managed to catch it while he/she was webmaking last weekend.

Until next time....


mkhquilts said...

The photo with the purple flower is just so beautiful! The close up with the spider is pretty great too! Great job!

Frances Arnold said...

I like them all....even the long as he is outside!!!!

Shirley said...

I stripped my bed Friday morning and there under the pillow was a squashed spider!!! Great photo's. Don't mind spiders so long as they are not anywhere near me.

Sandra said...

That first photo is beautiful - very special.

Timi said...

I like all your photos!! The spider, too :o)!

Thimbleanna said...

They're all beautiful! Well, except maybe for that last one LOL!

Kitty said...

Gorgeous photos - even the spider! x

Leanne said...

Great snaps as always.