Monday, May 14, 2012

Sew into Solids - Week 10

We are into double digits!  Who would have thought it!? 

How are you all doing with your Sew into Solids projects?  I must admit that for a scrappy girl like me this is proving to be a much bigger challenged than I thought…mainly because I’m only using 3 colours and the monotonous aspect of sewing 120 HST is more than I imaged.  I keep gravitating towards my scrappy projects and procrastinating instead of working on the units for my blocks.   

The good news is that I have now sewn all 120 HST units and have decided to square them up in batches of 12 until all my blocks are made.  Hopefully if I break it down like that it won’t feel so overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong I’m really enjoying the process…I just think I’m just getting impatient and want to get to making the blocks.

As an added distraction, the postman brought a lovely piece of mail this week…it is the first issue of Modern Quilts Illustrated by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

As you can image this magazine fits in so nicely with our Sew into Solids theme and I was so excited when I heard from Weeks and she told me my copy was in the post.

I say magazine, but it is more like a good quality pattern booklet that you would want to keep for future reference.  The paper is thicker than a standard magazine and the pages are in full colour throughout.  The patterns are achievable and I’m sure would work with both solid and printed fabrics…in fact I’ve got my eye on the one simple, but very pretty.

This issue had 3 patterns and the templates were full size, which is so nice because you don’t need to be photocopying and enlarging them to the correct size.

The instructions and the clear illustrations made it very easy to follow and understand…just what you hope for in a good pattern.   If you fancy seeing more why don’t you pop on over the Weeks’ blog Craft Nectar or subscription info check out this link.

Right…so what else has been going on with the friends of Sew into Solids?

This week if I get all my units ready I will be please …wish me luck :o)

Until next time....


Liz said...

Morning Jane, will you pop it in your bag on Wednesday so we can all have a look? The magazine I mean. Looks good.

Katherine said...

Lovely post, Jane! How those baskets of pieces are calling to me... I'm so excited to see your quilt come together and I completely understand how working with solids has been a challenge. Makes me super glad to be doing this with you - it's wonderful to have the support and encouragement!

Oh, lucky you! Distraction, indeed. Now if only I lived close enough to pop round to take a peek in person. Maybe I could bring my Featherweight to distract you while I look through the pages? ;o)

Lynda said...

The book is really good - there are lots of tips and hints in it as well as the patterns.