Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple Skirt Pattern

I thought I'd share with you a very simple pattern I made up for a little skirt.  I whipped this one up in about an hour in some lovely Makower fabrics for my DD2.  The bottom panel of the skirt has a concealed seam much like the cuff in pillowcase making.

The width (circumference) of the skirt is approximately 45" so that the cuff at the bottom can be cut from one width of fabric and the main body of the skirt is made up of 4 panels.  Seam allowance is 1/2"

To work out cutting sizes of the panels and cuff, you need to know the total length of the skirt (in my case it was 16") and the desired height of the bottom cuff (mine was 4")

To work out the panel size, take the total length (16") minus the cuff size (4") and add 3" (in my case that worked out to 15")  Cut 4 panels 12" by your custom size.

The cuff size is worked out by taking your cuff height (4") multiplying by 2 and adding 1" (in my case that worked out to 9") and cutting that by the width of your fabric (usually 45")

Sew your 4 panels together in a strip using 1/2" seam matching up the long edges and leaving the 12" edges along the top.  Press seams open.

Next lay your cuff right side up on a table.  Place your strip of panels right side down on top of the cuff matching long edges together.  Pin.

Roll the upper part of the skirt up like a sausage and then bring the other long side of the cuff over meet the edge you just pinned.  Move the pins to now hold all three layers sandwiching the upper part of the skirt in the middle.  I know it doesn't make much sense...but if you just trust works :o)

Sew through the 3 layers using a 1/2 seam.  Pull the skirt right side out and press.  You should now have the panel sewn to the cuff and the seams are all concealed.

Trim the edges straight and sew up the short back seam creating a tube.  Fold over the top edge by 1/2" and press, then fold over a second time by 1 1/2".  Sew close to the bottom edge creating a casing for the elastic.  Leave a gap to insert a 1" non-roll elastic that has been cut to length by measuring it around the child's waist and allowing an overlap of approximately 1". 

Sew to two ends of the elastic by over lapping and sewing a square to secure it well.  Tuck the elastic back up into the casing and sew the opening closed.

I hope you liked my little tutorial...I hope it works for you and if you do make one...please send me a picture :o)

Until next time...


Joy said...

That looks so cute :o).
Joy :o)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Oh, you make it look so simple. Great skirt and fun fabrics too.

Kim said...

Somebody has been bitten by the "too cute" bug! You are on a roll, Jane! Isn't it fun to make clothes that are simple enough yet so so very cute!

clare's craftroom said...

Just popped in to have a look at your lovely blog . Great photos in the last post .

Martha said...

That enclosed skirt seam makes an indistructable hem. All of my daughter's dresses were hemmed this way. Even her dressiest church dresses! Her hems were never undone. (I also sewed slips into the dresses at the waist seams, no hanging slips)

Robin Brown said...

Hi, just peeking in to see what other home sewers are doing. I'm also into exchanging easy skirt patterns and general sewing tips, and have collected a nice bunch through trial and error. By the way, I love the fabric combo you used! And thanks to Martha about the slip tip. I also refuse to allow my girls to go around in see-thru stuff.