Saturday, February 02, 2008

Emerging from the scraps...

I bet you all thought I'd been lost under my mountain of scraps...well not quite! I have managed to finish pressing a cutting the scraps into sensible pieces and I'm vowing to stay onto top of it in the future. I still have a box of strings and scrap triangles that will need to be incorporating into something, but at least I'm not feeling overwhelmed by it any more.

I wanted to share a couple of links with you...some of this might be old news, but I still think it's worth mentioning again.

The first is a link to Quilters TV which shows quilting videos. It has different sections such as designer of the week, appliqué features and pieced features etc. and you can pick the video you want to watch when you want to watch you don't have to be at your computer at a set time....and it's all free!

The second link is to their new sister site called Sew On TV which is set up exactly the same way, but shows programs that cover fashion sewing, home dec and other fibre arts.
I love catching a bits of the quilting TV as we don't have anything like that on our TV screens in the UK.

Happy Viewing!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the links, they look great

Shelina said...

Thanks for sharing these links. I was watching quilters news network, but they started charging, so I stopped watching that. These look like the same shows, so maybe they moved or something.

Katie said...

Thanks for the reminder about Quilters TV. I had forgotten about it.

Anne Marie said...

Thanks for the links, something new to become addicted to LOL!! I have already sat through two programs and the breakfast dishes are still on the table LOL!!!

blackbearcabin said...

wow...ive never seen either of these links....i look forward to watching them...especially since we dont have cable and can only watch DVD's on our tv :)
thanks for sharing!