Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quilt Meme

I saw this Bad Quilt Meme on Two Lime Leaves and thought I'd play along. Feel free to play along if you like.

Usual rules: Bold for things you’ve done, standard type for the rest. (my personal comments are in green)

Made a quilt with no knowledge, no skills, and no understanding that either are needed (my first quilt was made from a rudimentary cardboard triangle and sewn together without the points matching. The quilting was done with some very cheap invisible thread...more like fishing line and I didn't baste the layers together so it bunched as I sewed. Then I proudly hung it on the wall! I'm kinda glad to say it has long gone in the dumpster!)

Created an abomination and (at the time) was proud of it (see comment #1 above)

Created a quilt that was so hideous it made people or animals go blind

Had relatives throw a quilt you made outside in the muddy yard for the dogs to chew

Used severely mismatched fabric weights when piecing, for example, heavyweight denim and lightweight cotton

Didn’t pre-wash fabrics and later had them bleed all over the finished quilt (it was a red fabric on a strawberry appliqué quilt...luckly some painstaking stain removal on a q-tip solved the majority of the problem)

Used badly mismatched needle and bobbin thread

Puckered seams

Misaligned pieces

Ugly colours

Polyester fabrics that pilled (yep definitely did that and it's on a quilt still in use today)

Thick, scratchy polyester double knit fabrics

Batting that bearded up through the fabric

Free-motion quilting whose stitch size changed radically from stitch to stitch (that still happens :o)

Huge bird’s nests of bobbin thread that clogged the throat plate of the machine and broke the needle

Cluelessly attempted to stitch with a broken needle for several moments, thus perforating the quilt

Made stitches big enough to put your big toe through

Quilting lines that were about 6″ apart and allowed the stuffing to migrate and bunch up

Finished quilts that weren’t “square” and/or were badly blocked (see comment #1 above)

Quilt tops that wouldn’t lay flat, that had a “volcano” in the middle or perceptible ripple (I call that a bra quilt)

Backing that bunched up while quilting, leaving a portion of the batting uncovered (see comment #1 above)

Hand-tied a quilt with heavy crochet or regular yarn, which required a really huge-eyed needle which left giant holes in the quilt

Erroneously equated a quilt with a blanket, and “finished” the edge of the quilt with a blanket stitch using scratchy acrylic yarn.

Had to use pliers to force the needle through the quilt, yet didn’t understand that this might be a sign that something was fundamentally wrong

Backed with a 100 thread count bed sheet. (Extra points for polyester)

Quilted with fishing line (see comment #1 above)

Bled/sneezed/spilled coffee on a large section of quilt while making it

Had people compare your quilt to one they saw at Wal-Mart

Finished a quilt and only then realised that you hated it (I've had that happen a few times)

Gave a quilt to someone and had them be speechless - and not in a good way

Trimmed loose threads on a gift quilt at the last minute and cut a hole through the top

Sewed one or more fingers to the quilt, then had to carry the sewing machine and quilt around the house while looking for a screwdriver to remove the needle

Created appliqués with satin-stitched edges, which after a shamefully brief time became frayed-edge appliqués that flapped their way free of the quilt

So who's next to confess their sins :o)


Shelina said...

Jane, what a hilarious bunch of confessions! I'm afraid to confess my own quilting sins.

Leigh said...

I love the "bra quilt". I made one or two of them in my time.

Lynda in Lutterworth said...

You made me smile at your confessions, and at the recognition of many mutual faults! However, I felt sad when you said you had disposed of your first quilt! How could you bear to do it? Your first quilt is so special, as it's a marker for how far you've come. I wouldn't part with my first quilt (purple hexagons, in all kinds of fabrics, cotton, polycotton, poly, though even then I drew the line at crimplene!,)which is tied because I didn't know how to quilt it, and faded and stained from being used for babies to sit on outside on sunny days, and backed with sheeting. One of these days it'll be an antique! (LOL)

kirsty said...

Oh great!! I love to hear of other quilters' disasters - I don't feel so alone!

samantha said...

Thank you Jane, for my wonderful fabric swap package. The fabrics are great and the tacks, and just love getting new mags. I will be posting about them soon.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Good to know i'm not alone! I've done the meme over on my blog if you feel like a laugh!