Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Day

I have to smile. Growing up in Canada I was very accustomed to waking up to lots of snow...and occasionally a snow day. This rarely occurred when I was in high school as I went to an all girls Catholic school and it was believed that trudging our way into the centre of Montreal was character building. Well this morning in central England we woke up to the man on the radio listing off the schools closed due to bad weather. Now keeping in mind my background, I was expecting the end of the drive to be impassable and the blizzard to still be whistling through..much to my surprise I woke up to what would be classified as a dusting in Canada! For my North American friends who have experienced several "snow days" this year...yes, you are seeing right...those are blades of grass poking through the snow. In all fairness though, the UK isn't terribly well prepared for snow. They don't even have separate tires for the winter (A great shock to me when I first arrived in the UK) and moving around was tricky for most. My eldest got the day off school and the youngest had school...but very few of her regular teachers, as most couldn't make it to the school....go figure!
I, being a rugged Canadian :), braved the roads and went to the grocery to stock up as one can't be too sure how long this is going to last...heck, we might really get snowed in :)


anne bebbington said...

Don't worry yourself - you will open the front door and the central heating will melt it all!!!

Lucy said...

We have snow here too

Happy Zombie said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I found yours... though it may take me hostage for the next hour while I look at all of your goodies (and those pies you made are making me salivate!).

I'm enjoying your blog very much!

YankeeQuilter said...

I really liked your post...I am origanally from New England so seeing the green grass under the snow just didn't seem right! I was a bit taken back when I realized we have a gravel driveway so there really was not way to shovel out! Oh well, more time for quilting.