Sunday, December 10, 2006

Can you smell the cinnamon?

It's Christmas baking season in our house and we've started this weekend by making mincemeat pies. I started by making my filling about a month ago. It's a nutty, but boozy mincemeat and has just the right sweetness without being OTT. Next I make a lovely pastry with cornflour and icing sugar and it is the most forgiving pastry I've ever made. You can re-roll your trimmings and it never seems to get tough.

This year I tried something new...I lined the muffin tin with muffin cases as I found my pastry stuck in places last year and it worked very well. No trouble removing the pies and the pastry was cooked through. I use a large circle cutter for the base and a small star for the top.

Here's the finished pies...yummy! Great with a bit of cream or brandy butter!


anne bebbington said...

Great idea with the muffin cases - the mince pies look good enough to just pick off the screen and eat - pastry sounds interesting - any chance of the recipe? please......

Blanca said...

Hummmm... I like mincemeant... it's look very good.