Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Pictures from the New Forest…

When I was going through some pictures the other day I realized I had forgotten to share some more pictures from out recent trip.  I hope you enjoy them…many are animal pictures so bear with me :o)

One of our days out took us to the New Forest Wildlife Park.  Because we were there before the local children were on summer break, it was quiet and easy to see all the animals without any hustle and bustle.

This little harvest mouse was adorable…only the size of a wine bottle cork.

This is my attempt at an arty tree picture…I’ve seen various on Pinterest before now and thought it was an interesting angle :o)

A local cat in Lyndhurst…

My best deer picture taken in the New Forest…I’m so proud of this one and also very grateful for the man behind me that had a very loud laugh that made this deer look up!  Perfect timing!

This was also at the wildlife park…this deer was so tame and patient with the children :o)

Until next time...♥

Sunday, August 10, 2014

In Need of Colour…

If you are in the U.K. today you only need to look out the window to understand the title of my post…it’s so dark and grey today, so to cheer myself and you up how about a colourful post.  First up a picture that my DD2 wanted me to share with you.  Like many children her age she is in full bloom loom band making mode.  She has made 13 bracelets, several little creatures and a dragon with over 300 bands alone… A great fad that seems to have taken kids by storm that not only has got them off the computer but got them creating.  I love it!

I have also been sewing up a storm getting things ready for the upcoming school year.  With DD2 heading to high school and needing to carry a lot more stationery I figured a new and improved pencil case was in order.  So I dug out the old patterns and settled on the Sew Together Bag.  When I made mine last year, my poor sewing machine grumbled at the final thick seam, but this time I had Sookie to help me out and she breezed through without so much as a grumble or a pop.

DD2 picked her own colours and I followed along and you know what?  Her colours are FAB together.  I love the pinks and the use of greens (what a combo) and the colour coordinated pockets.  With such a great system she should stay very organized.

Until next time...♥

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Summer Pics…

We're part way through the summer holidays and I have a few summery pictures to share…All were taken on our week away in the New Forest where we experienced really warm weather…honestly I could have pretended I was camping in Canada!! These are just some of the moments we had…more to follow when I get a chance :o)  Enjoy!!

Until next time...♥

Friday, July 18, 2014

Teacher’s Gifts…

It's that time of the school year again where we say good-bye for the summer.  It is particularly hard this time as DD2 is leaving her primary school and friends.  The chats at the school gate for me are coming to an end and the community that has seen me through ups and downs and thick and thin (waistline) will disperse as our children start a new journey in September at high school.

The last few years have been fabulous for my daughter at her school and this year was just the same.  Her 2 teachers worked so well as a team and always seem to know what was going on even though it was a job share.  As you can imagine I couldn’t let the year end without doing something special for those ladies who made the last year of primary so special.  So out came the patterns and the fabric and I made them each a Bento Lunch Bag and Dumpling Pouch which was then filled with goodies.  To add to the enjoyment of making them I dug out the hand crank Singer sewing machine and sat on the patio to sew them.  I loved every minute of it…even though it took a bit of ambidextrous coordination to hold the fabric and turn the crank with my right hand :o)

Inside each bag I included a mug, some tea, chocolates, biscuits and some sweets.  I hope they enjoy them.

Until next time...♥

Monday, July 14, 2014


Two weeks ago I put DD2 on the bus with school for a 4 day residential trip to Castleton while at the same time prepared for a retreat to Bath for myself and the DH.  You may think that this sounds terribly romantic and delightful…but the reality didn’t quite work out that way.  On day 2, I came down with an almighty cold which got progressively worse over the course of the week.  If that wasn’t enough to contend with, every evening we had a teary call from DD2 who was suffering from terrible homesickness.  So even though in body I was in Bath, my head was definitely somewhere else.  A shame really, but just the same I did my best to enjoy my time there.

The weather was warm and dry and the sights around Bath breathtaking, but the one place that was on my must-see list…cold or no cold was the American Museum

Upon our arrival I knew something extra special was going on as I spied this yarn bombed lamp post.  It was, of course, the introduction to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition that is going until November.

Every where you looked there was yarn and knitting and crochet…a complete feast for the eyes :o)

Then just outside the exhibition hall was a HUGE tree decorated from top to tail in pom-poms and Kaffe fabric lampshades.

The lampshades I think were upside down buckets and the impact of colour was enough to brighten one’s day (even with a cold!!)

Inside the exhibition were several classic examples of Kaffe’s work from embroidery to knitting and quilts.

Inside the main building there was more of the show stopping work and drawings showing the design process of his unique fabric.

The American Museum also have an extensive collection of antique quilts on huge racks (much like the racks they use for displaying posters only bigger).  It was lovely to flip through the different ones and talk to the other visitors who were ooohing and ahhing along with me.  Even the DH stood nearby nodding his head and appreciating the quilts and tolerated my waffle as I told him about each style or technique.

After such an inspiring day, we returned to the campsite and enjoyed a spectacular summer’s evening.  Several hot air balloons floated overhead, landing in the next field over… 

…while DH and I enjoyed a glass of wine before retiring to bed. 

We had another day in Bristol visiting the SS Great Britain, but my cold was very much taking over at that point and the day was cut short.  We returned home in time to collect DD2 who despite all the tears and the onset of her own nasty cold seemed to have a blast.  (why? oh why do we worry so much!!?)

Until next time...♥

Friday, July 04, 2014

Cover Up!

It was time to give Sookie a cover, so after scouring Pinterest I came up with this version of a half and half cover.

As one end of my machine has a big fly wheel and guard I couldn’t be symmetrical with the design, so capped off one end, while leaving the other end exposed and secured with a tie.

The pieces were quilted and then assembled wrong sides together.  Then the raw seams got covered in binding to finish it off and give it another bit of detail.

Hopefully this will help keep the dust off a bit and also makes my sewing corner look pretty when not in use :o)

Until next time...♥

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last of the Tumblers…

The last of the quilts that I've made recently for Project Linus are complete with labels and donated...this is the blue one that was made in tandem with this one...

The quilting was free-motioned from side to side and I think almost gave it a watery feel…  I wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone with all over meandering, but it was hard to keep it wide and fluid.  It was tempting to get too close together and almost too dense.  None the less I’m happy with the results and glad to get another ticked off the list.

In other news I celebrated another birthday and DD1 made me the most delicious cupcakes from this recipe.  Such a tasty treat!!

Until next time...♥

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Medallion for Linus

Back in February I made a block for a class I was teaching and rather than throw it into the box of orphans, I decided to keep going and add a few more rounds.  It’s ended up being a rather bright and cheery quilt ..perfect for Project Linus. :o)

The quilting is simple enough and I used the pink border as an opportunity to try out my feathering skills.  I’m having to remember to try different things outside meandering as that has become my go-to free motion shape.  I need to think outside the box and get more adventurous :o)

Until next time...♥

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Double-sided Quilt

You've heard of double-sided tape, double-sided printing, what about a double-sided quilt?  Well that’s exactly what I did with this latest project. 

This is the front..a combination of my Sew Happy Blocks and my signature blocks from an exchange we did at Rocheberie Quilters back in 2011. The top was completed in 2012, but it has taken me this long to get it basted and quilted.  I think part of the reason it took so long is that it’s so busy, but when I came up for a plan for the back, it was too good an idea to put off.

(BTW if you want to see DD1’s version…she posted about it back in May)

This is the back!  It is all the signature blocks from the swap I did back in early 2009 with many of you from Blogland.  Some of these blocks are very well travelled as they came from all around the world to the USA and then shipped to me in the UK!  I liked the setting that Liz used..(see the last picture) so I went with that idea.

So how about that..3 different projects all pulled together into one! A great success in my book :o)

Until next time...♥